Local firm teams up with Chinese tech giants to roll out driverless vehicles

Asia Mobility Industries inked deals with three companies, including Baidu, to deploy self-driving buses, taxis and develop mapping technology.

Gearing up for big business in autonomous solutions

Four years ago, Mr Joseph Lew left a well-paying job at a prestigious research institute and sold his three-bedroom apartment to raise funds to go into business in a relatively new field: unmanned...

Toyota to supply Grab with hybrid cars fitted with 'black box' recorders

Fleet of 1,500 will have black-box recorders to help the Japanese carmaker gain insights into how its cars are being used.

Electric taxi operator HDT eyes fleet expansion

HDT Singapore Taxi, which now operates 100 electric-powered cabs, applied to the Land Transport Authority earlier this month to add another 800 electric taxis.

E-scooter sharing service to launch in downtown and heartland

SINGAPORE - A new electric scooter sharing platform will soon be available downtown and in the heartland.