Electricity tariffs to rise 6.4% in third quarter to hit highest rate in nearly 5 years; gas tariffs to increase by 1.6%

SP Group said the increase in electricity tariffs is mainly due to the higher cost of natural gas for electricity generation.

Smart device to track your energy usage

Singapore's first smart public housing estate, Punggol Northshore, will be ready next year, complete with smart electrical distribution boards that track the energy usage.

Hyflux saga: Flood of questions over debt debacle

Once the darling of the entrepreneurial scene, Hyflux is now vilified by investors and its affairs closely watched by regulators. Insight looks at the questions that have arisen.

14 vendors to vie for share of Jurong electricity market

The race for a slice of the Jurong power pie is sizzling, as electricity retailers prepare to dive into the open electricity market that launches there next month.