Emerging Enterprise 2018

Data - the mummy of baby fairs

PICTURE this. A crowd of women aged 25 to 45 filling a large exhibition hall together with their partners, walking along aisles packed with vendors selling products for their little ones....

When fantasy pieces come together

GROWING up, Ben Ang had always felt a struggle within him. He loved toys and comics, and he wanted to create beautiful figurines.

Toying around with urban culture

TAKE a walk past The Cathay today, and it is impossible to miss the huge dog guarding the building's entrance. That is, the half-squatting bright red balloon dog casually relieving itself of a...

Going digital a necessity, not a choice, for SMEs

WITH the rapid pace of technological advances, enterprises of today have little option but to keep up or ship out.

Overseas expansion is not for all local SMEs

INTERNATIONALISATION, the process of expanding a company's operations beyond Singapore, has been at the forefront of many recent government initiatives.

Innovating to engage the millennial consumer

COMPANIES are increasingly taking note of the millennials' consumption habits and what makes them 'tick', as more of them enter the workforce.

Practical prizes for Emerging Enterprise winners as partners aim to provide resources for growth

It is not merely for the honour of a title and trophy that one gets in the running for the Emerging Enterprise Award. Past winners have spoken about how practical, relevant and business-oriented...

What Emerging Enterprise winners and finalists say about the Award

Now in its 11th year, the Emerging Enterprise Award has proven pivotal in the stories of many of Singapore's young growth enterprises. Here's what some of the award's winners and finalists over...

Applications now open for award to celebrate emerging enterprises

WHAT do some of Singapore's most notable brands such as Benjamin Barker, Secretlab and The Golden Duck have in common?