Emerging Enterprise

Cardboard connector inspired by disaster

AN earthquake in 2015 changed Adrian Chua's life. Recalling the horrific incident that happened that April in Kathmandu, the founder and creative director of Paper Carpenter told The Business...

A passion for all things digital

BACK in the days of clunky dial-up connection and flip phones, Roger Yuen already believed firmly that the Internet would significantly change the way people lived, worked and played.

Monetisation and AI are key areas of focus for Carousell

SINGAPORE's poster startup Carousell harbours big dreams of becoming the world's leading online classifieds marketplace one day.

How EndoMaster uses robotic technology to aid in surgeries

SPUN out of research from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, EndoMaster gives surgeons the tools to remove gastrointestinal cancer tumours without the need...

Emerging Enterprise 2017: The 15 finalists

This year, 2017, marks ten years of the Emerging Enterprise Award's celebration of business innovation, resilience and excellence in small and...

Futuristic manufacturing system helps firms ride automation wave

BEHIND the drawn metal doors of a nondescript factory at the northern tip of Singapore, A4-sized smart carts moved autonomously on small monorail tracks that could change tack on its own, while a...

He got inspiration for startup from being girlfriend's courier

IT started with him being a courier for his girlfriend's goods. As Cai Li travelled frequently, his friends began to request him to help them purchase products exclusively found in those countries...

The Duck that lays the Golden egg

SALTED egg, a craze that has survived decades - from salted egg seafood dishes to salted egg yolk tarts, the rich flavour has seen it all. For The Golden Duck, its unconventional attempt at...

Paying Homage to the elderly in Singapore

IN HER first 10 years, Gillian Tee was cared for by elderly people. As a child, she lived with her grandmother, and her direct caretaker until she was 10 was a woman in her sixties.

A-Plus doesn't come easy for this homegrown firm

CARVING out a niche in food and e-commerce has helped A-Plus Automation make a name for itself in the materials management industry.