Firms using downtime to train workforce

Employers here are using the extra time on their hands during the economic slowdown to boost staff capabilities in areas such as technical and technology-related skills, a survey noted.

Firms worried about higher costs with safe distancing rules

Businesses are concerned about higher operating costs as they adjust to new safe distancing and precautionary measures amid the Covid-19 pandemic, MPs said yesterday, as they sought more support...

Bear in mind stresses of working from home, say MPs

With the continued need for social distancing in Singapore, many employees have had to adapt to working from home, which comes with its own set of challenges, said several MPs yesterday.

Preventing potential spread of virus in workplaces

Employees are discouraged from gathering in common areas within the office.

Working from home: Productivity, staff engagement likely to be hit

Companies forced to operate remotely during the four-week circuit breaker period will likely experience a fall in productivity, human resource (HR) experts and business association leaders told...

Stepped-up efforts to retrain middle-aged workers for jobs of future

The Government will step up efforts to train middle-aged workers in their 40s and 50s with new skills to take on jobs of the future, Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing said yesterday...

30,000 work pass holders from China yet to return here

About 30,000 work pass holders who are Chinese nationals left Singapore over the Chinese New Year break and have not returned, said Manpower Minister Josephine Teo yesterday.

Key focus on protecting jobs and helping businesses: Chan

Protecting the jobs of Singaporeans and ensuring the survival of businesses will be the Government's primary focus as the country hunkers down for what could be a protracted battle against the...

Safeguarding jobs, businesses primary focus in Singapore's battle against Wuhan virus: Chan Chun Sing

The impact of the Wuhan virus could be "wider, deeper and longer" than that of the Sars epidemic in 2003, said the Trade and Industry Minister.

Firms to pay heavier price if they don't give locals a fair shot at jobs

Employers who discriminate against locals when they recruit now face stiffer penalties and could be prosecuted in court if they make false declarations on their hiring considerations.

Logistics firm first to be charged with false declaration on fair hiring of Singaporeans

SINGAPORE - Ti2 Logistics was charged in court with making a false declaration in an employment pass application that it had considered local candidates fairly before trying to employ a foreigner...