New local start-up Tempest banging on mechanical keyboards

Necessity is the mother of invention, goes the old saying.

Activities to try in Singapore: Tech tours around one-north

SINGAPORE - Home to tech companies, research organisations and a buzzing start-up scene, research and business park one-north in western Singapore is an unlikely tourist attraction.

It Changed My Life: How Jackson Aw built a multimillion-dollar toy empire with $20,000 loan

Mr Jackson Aw looks at his cargo pants and says ruefully: "I guess I have grown up."

Working individuals to have shot at entrepreneurship through Antler-NUS tie-up

SINGAPORE - Individuals bitten by the entrepreneurship bug can soon pursue their ventures while keeping their current jobs, through a part-time start-up programme launched by talent incubator...

It Changed My Life: Playing her way into the big league of gaming

Six years ago, Ms Elicia Lee and her colleagues were retrenched from the marketing department of Electronic Arts (EA), one of the world's biggest gaming companies.

Singapore female entrepreneurs step up to form new generation of shoe designers

SINGAPORE - Shoemaking may sound almost like an ancient tradition in this age of fast and mass-market fashion, but the craft is enjoying a small revival here.

New centre in Bangkok to help S'pore start-ups

A new centre was launched in Bangkok yesterday to help Singapore start-ups spread their wings in Thailand.

5 named category winners of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award

SINGAPORE - Five entrepreneurs were named category winners in the 18th annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards on Tuesday (Sept 3).

They make their mark in male-dominated businesses

Two women entrepreneurs who blazed a trail in men-dominated industries have received the top awards given annually by Her World magazine to outstanding women.

It Changed My Life: Wagyumafia co-founder serves up beef a cut above the rest

Hisato Hamada is seated in front of the Guangzhou Mian Shi Wanton Noodle stall in Tanglin Halt, happily digging into what he pronounces to be the best wanton noodles he has ever tasted.