Singaporeans need to think bigger: Tech investor

In Silicon Valley, where rags-to-riches stories of tech gurus are told in every cafe, the one about the carpet merchant who became a tech investor may have been overlooked.

Do entrepreneurs do more harm than good? Experts to spar at ST Education Forum

SINGAPORE - The Silicon Valley model of entrepreneurship is often celebrated.

It Changed My Life: This licensed plumber holds a PhD in early childhood education

Dr Weelai Suwanarat can tell a pipe wrench from a basin wrench and is pretty dexterous with a pair of tongue-and-groove pliers.

Sister Acts

When American-Chinese sisters Valerie and Bebe Ding opened a boxing studio in Los Angeles in 2017, no one believed it would be a hit.

Learning on the job with right attitude

Data analyst Gwen Wong, 24, started her job at crowd-investing company Funding Societies without the technical knowledge she thought she needed for her work.

Singapore women thriving in tech start-ups

Women in Singapore have been drawn to technical jobs in tech start-ups because they are problem-solvers who enjoy coming up with technical solutions.

Mums who do it all

Motherhood brings both challenges and opportunities. When Mrs Gayle Tan, 33, gave birth to her son, now 18 months old, she was overwhelmed by how much she did not know.

'Only dead fish go with the flow', says legend of watchmaking world

Mr Jean-Claude Biver believes a person's life is useless if he does not give back.

Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit

Plan A used to revolve around landing a secure job in a big company, but more young people are now keener on entrepreneurship, with some even taking the plunge to start their own businesses as...

NUS expands overseas colleges programme to Toronto, Shenzhen

A National University of Singapore programme to nurture entrepreneurs in different nodes of the world has now expanded to Toronto and Shenzhen.