Starting a home business

Ask almost anyone and they probably know someone running a home-based business (HBB), whether as an alternative source of income after being retrenched or an entrepreneurial dream.

Interior styling company outgrows the home

Mr Anthony Chai and Ms Jade Ng have truly turned their artfully designed home into a business.

Keeping business going online to make Tamil cool

Entrepreneur Deepa Asha Dewi had an unexpected misadventure in 2019: Water from heavy rainfall seeped into her stall and damaged $12,000 worth of products.

Teen rebels, former hawkers and 'Ah Bengs' who care

The term Ah Beng is pejorative, used to describe loud and uncouth young Chinese men with questionable sartorial and cultural tastes.

Local start-up wins global award for making milk without the need for cows or humans

Can milk be made in a laboratory instead of from cows or humans - and can it taste just as good?

Hackathons not just about business, but can help solve societal challenges: Heng Swee Keat

SINGAPORE - Start-ups and hackathons are often associated with business ventures but can also be used to solve societal challenges, said Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on Sunday (Sept 27...

Back in S'pore and busy brewing business ideas

For the first 12 years after starting her company, Ms Reene Ho-Phang did not take leave.

Bigger $50,000 grant for first-time entrepreneurs among more help for local start-ups

A three-month venture building programme has also been introduced to help start-ups get their innovative ideas off the ground.

New local start-up Tempest banging on mechanical keyboards

Necessity is the mother of invention, goes the old saying.

Activities to try in Singapore: Tech tours around one-north

SINGAPORE - Home to tech companies, research organisations and a buzzing start-up scene, research and business park one-north in western Singapore is an unlikely tourist attraction.

It Changed My Life: How Jackson Aw built a multimillion-dollar toy empire with $20,000 loan

Mr Jackson Aw looks at his cargo pants and says ruefully: "I guess I have grown up."