20 richest families in Asia and their businesses

Mr Dhirubhai Ambani started building the precursor to Reliance Industries in 1957. The conglomerate owns the world's largest oil refining complex.

Helping family firms stay in business

Helping family companies stay afloat in a competitive market contradicts a capitalism tenet that promotes the survival of the fittest, but the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (...

Keeping the family business together

ASIA has seen its fair share of family feuds. We witnessed sibling rivalry in the Samsung dispute when the founding patriarch passed on. In India, the Ambani brothers publicly clashed after the...

How John Cheng is reinventing his family’s sugar business

John Cheng hands us each a rock sugar-encrusted stick that has been infused with jujube and instructs us to swirl it for exactly five times in a hot cup of tea. “Now taste the sugar,” the 37-year-...

Innovation in family firms: A missed opportunity?

Here in Asia, family firms are a prominent feature of the business landscape, but are they better at innovating; or, because of the way they are run, are they more likely to lag behind?

Ho Ren Yung on returning to the family business

Sharp-eyed guests at Banyan Tree hotels and spa may notice something different about its body and aromatherapy products.

Brothers take Three Legs Cooling Water to modern times

Behind today's Wen Ken Group, whose signature product is the popular drink said to relieve "heatiness", are a pair of third-generation brothers determined to modernise the 81-year business.

How jiu-jitsu armed Goldbell Group’s COO Alex Chua to manage his family business

This Goldbell son has always been single-minded about being his own man. Now, he’s applying all he’s learned to the toughest task yet.

Family-run logistics business stresses service amid labour, tech challenges

HUB Distributors Services' tagline "We Believe in Service" may seem like an ordinary marketing catchphrase, but the owners of the company say that building a good relationship with their customers...

Loyalty and limitation in family businesses

Relying on trusted insiders need not pose a limitation on growth as long as owners continuously broaden their organisation beyond what they themselves can do. Ultimately, for any ambitious family...

INFOGRAPHIC: Singapore's oldest businesses

Even though Singapore has just celebrated its 52nd birthday, many of its homegrown companies have been in existence for much longer, with several being twice as old as its home country.