Eng's wonton mee business fight: Court dismisses claims made by partner, founder's daughters

With a trademark dispute still before the court, the battle over the wonton mee business is far from over.

Cousin of Mustafa boss says dad cried 'like a baby' after making will

A cousin of Mustafa Centre boss Mustaq Ahmad told the High Court yesterday that his father came home crying "like a baby" one day in 2004, after making a will stating that he held a 15.12 per cent...

Stepbrother of Mustafa boss felt he was being treated like a 'servant'

Mr Ayaz Ahmed said he lived in an apartment with 10 other people, which he compared to living conditions of construction workers.

Step-family of Mustafa Centre boss accuses him of slew of wrongdoings as High Court suit opens

It alleges that he cheated father, stepmother, step-siblings so his own family could line its pockets.

Swee Kee founder's son fails in suit for share of $16m house

One of the sons of the founder of Swee Kee, once Singapore's most famous chicken rice shop, has lost his court battle against his two brothers for a share of the Katong family home that was sold...

Minority shareholder in family company sues aunts and uncles in bid to cash out

SINGAPORE - A 49-year-old man has sued five paternal aunts and uncles in their 70s and 80s, seeking to cash out from an asset-rich but inactive family-owned property development company.

Son of Swee Kee founder fails in suit to claim a quarter of $16m family home

Mr Moh Tai Siang, 60, had claimed that a quarter of the sales proceeds should go to him, even though three decades ago, he had signed a document transferring his share of the house to his two...

Family firm dispute: Brothers ordered to buy over siblings' shares

Two brothers who are majority shareholders of the firm behind the Marigold and Vitagen brands have been ordered to buy over the shares belonging to their three siblings.