Bespoke services go virtual

How do you get your clothes tailored from home without ever stepping foot into a store for a fitting? Or customise an engagement ring without being present to do quality checks?

Tiny tailoring shops that still hold needle to thread

SINGAPORE - Nothing to wear for Chinese New Year? If you eschew fast fashion, seek out a traditional tailor.

Local fashion brands thriving: ST checks 5 stores making waves in the retail world

Fashion label Beyond The Vines started in 2015 and now operates more than 10 stores across five countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

LVMH kicks off start-up scheme

PARIS • France's LVMH wants to be at the starting line in the race to find new business models.

Fashion's a tough business but designer Priscilla Shunmugam is giving it her best shot

While Asia remains her focus - she intends to seek out Jakarta and Hong Kong next - it's important to have a presence in Western fashion capitals, she says.

Singapore labels make a splash with stylish swimwear, from bikinis to wetsuits

For years, shoppers here bought swimwear from sport brands Speedo and Arena, or splashed out a cool dollar on more fashionable designs from labels such as Seafolly and Ripcurl, both Australian....

Ling Wu bag showroom as comfy as a living room

"I want people to come in and just live the brand and immerse themselves in it," says designer Goh Ling Ling, who is behind bag label Ling Wu, of her Chip Bee Gardens showroom.

Benjamin Barker's Nelson Yap: Making it in menswear

Despite the cool retail climate, it is still possible for a home-grown brand to thrive and be successful here. In fact, because of the lower rents, local menswear label Benjamin Barker opened two...

Restaurant owners project their brand with chic staff uniform

Gone are the days when service staff at food and beverage outlets are attired in inconspicuous outfits, an afterthought in the large scheme of operating and setting up a restaurant.

More firms in fashion industry turning to tech

More firms in the local fashion business are turning to technology in a bid to fend off the challenges of shorter product cycles and rising competition.

Getting into the swim of things related to IP

Intellectual property (IP) may not be on top of the list of priorities for some small and medium-sized enterprises, given the costs of identifying and protecting this intangible form of property....