Drive to boost hawker centre business and productivity

A system of charging customers a deposit that will be forfeited if they do not return food trays may be rolled out at up to 25 hawker centres in the coming years despite mixed reviews over its...

Drop in business for hawkers who moved from Old Woodlands

Ms Annie Ng, 50, used to get up to 1,000 customers patronising her drinks stall at the hawker centre in the Old Woodlands Town Centre, which she ran for eight years.

Mud Rock founders bond through clay

Restaurants such as Plentyfull, Le Binchotan and the Ottomani serve customers on this studio's plates and bowls.

Prive Group's Yuan Oeij: Learning to love oysters

Passionate about food, the owner of The Prive Group of eateries feels he has a duty to acquire a taste for all foods - despite having grown up hating oysters.

Saybons founder Daphane Loke on her affair with food

Ms Daphane Loke, the founder and executive chef of Saybons, a French-inspired food brand, did not like food as a child.

Delivery-only eateries delivering the goods

Delivery-only eateries with no physical dine-in space for customers are set to become more prominent, as operators said they are able to experiment while saving on rental and manpower costs....

Empire Eats Group's Howard Lo And Lim Hui Nan: Husband and wife bond over work

American-born entrepreneur Howard Lo and his Singaporean wife Lim Hui Nan run 11 stand-alone restaurants and bars

Toast to unique spirits

18 Mr Spencer Forhart, 48, and Mr Paul Gabie, 39, co-founders of Proof & Co

Food vending machine trailblazer

Ms Jocelyn Chng, 50, chief executive of JR Group, which runs Chef-in-Box VendCafe

Five questions with FoodZaps

Home-grown start-up FoodZaps Technology provides restaurants with a subscription-based ordering software that syncs to the cloud and runs on mass-market consumer devices. Annabeth Leow speaks to...