Future Economy Council

Running the technology race

FEATS of engineering fill the cabinets and adorn the walls within Racer Technology's Changi South premises, from a calculator dating back to World War II to photographs of classic cars placed...

Getting systematic

WHEN Kelvin Tan left a Japanese multinational corporation (MNC) to join Racer Technology in 2004, he suffered a massive culture shock.

Going digital on the seas and on shore

WHETHER onboard ships or in the office, Executive Ship Management has seen dramatic changes in the last decade as more processes go digital.

Sea change in ship management

WHETHER the need was for a comprehensive software system or better-trained crew members, Executive Ship Management's approach was the same: in-house development.

From lab work to impacting patients' lives

A MOLECULAR biologist by training, Yukti Choudhury spent five years of her PhD investigating the function of just 21 DNA base pairs - the building blocks of DNA - in relation to a specific type of...

Taking technology out of the lab

SOME firms undertake research and development to develop new products for the market. Others, like genomic medicine company Lucence Diagnostics, originate from the lab themselves.

High-tech truck makes one-man show possible

FROM his seat in the truck's cabin, Balbant Singh, 61, pays careful attention to the digital screens and camera feeds beside him. Outside, a large metal claw lowers from the side of the truck, prongs...

Super ways to handle waste

GREEN energy, laundry, and plastic bag production may not seem the most obvious activities for a waste management company. Behind these moves by 800 Super Holdings, however, is the core idea of...

Concrete improvements

CONCRETE has a shelf life of just two hours. Each day, Pan-United's trucks ply the roads between batching plants - where concrete is produced - and construction worksites, delivering the material...

Breaking new ground in concrete

A GLIMMERING bench, speckled with light, was among the highlights of August's Singapore Night Festival. Illuminated from within, it was made from translucent concrete - one of Pan-United...

Learning and growing with the firm

ONE episode from Lim Jo Hann's earliest days with Chye Thiam Maintenance still stays with him today.