Limit of five for groups makes political walkabouts possible

Social gatherings of up to five people will be allowed during phase two of the economy's reopening, indicating that political parties will be able to conduct walkabouts in small groups in the run-...

HSA warns Singapore-based Riway to stop making false cancer cure claims

Marketing materials promote a health supplement by the firm as a form of live cell therapy, in which stem cells are used to treat diseases, simply through consuming pills.

Burnout likely a common problem here, Singaporeans among most stressed at work globally

Singapore is an extremely competitive and materialistic society, so people hold their jobs and titles in high esteem, explained one psychiatrist.

It Changed My Life: She gives up high-flying career and five-figure salary to pursue mindfulness

Ms Angie Chew gave up her $20,000 monthly salary and took a 60 per cent pay cut to grow a charity promoting happy and healthy living.

Companies focus on mental health programmes for employees to reduce MC rate

More companies are taking care of their employees' social and emotional well-being in addition to providing fitness activities to boost work performance.

Singaporean siblings behind boxing studio in LA popular with celebrities like the Kardashians

SINGAPORE - Blood is thicker than water and especially so when running a business.

Fitness industry shapes up: Gyms and fitness studios are having a good run

Gyms and fitness studios in Singapore are having a good run, with membership figures up as new year resolutions get couch potatoes onto the treadmills.

Nourishing the body inside out

YOU are what you eat - or at least that is what husband-and-wife team Kelvin Chua and Huang Pei Shan, co-founders of organic food store Taste Original, believe.

10 companies so far receive $5 million in grants to produce healthier staple foods

SINGAPORE - Ten companies so far have received grants totalling $5 million from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to create healthier staple foods, about five months after it launched a scheme to...

Shoemaker perseveres in his craft after cataract surgery

Now that he can see better, Mr Soong Kwek Choong, 78, is not giving up on making footwear by hand, from simple flats to lace-up boots, high heels and even Peranakan beaded slippers.

More tech start-ups in healthcare springing up

With connectivity at nearly everyone's fingertips, the tech-driven consumer healthcare industry in Asia is estimated to be worth billions of dollars today.