From Golden Dragon to RedDoorz  @  Geylang: One of Singapore's worst-rated hotels gets makeover

The former Golden Dragon Hotel, which has been rebranded as RedDoorz@ Geylang, now welcomes families and budget travellers with bright, clean rooms.

Hotels must go green so guests won't see red: Boss

Sustainability has long been a sticky topic for the hospitality industry - think of all those plastic water bottles - but Pan Pacific Hotels Group believes there is more room at the inn for an eco...

Checking into Singapore hotels to be a breeze with automation

Checking into a hotel can be a tedious process involving hotel staff manually examining documents, but a new automated system under way here promises to get guests their room keys much faster.

Companies around the world get hit by Hong Kong protests

HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) - Whether they sell fur coats from Rome or farm hens from Mississippi, a surprising concern is occupying a number of corporate executives this earnings season: Hong Kong's...

Entrepreneur's out-of-the-box idea for shipping-container hotel in Singapore

The concept is to set up two to five containers in far-flung places in Singapore where there are no permanent built hotels, for about two to three years, and then move on to another destination...

Hotels tie up with union to redesign jobs, train staff

A group of 18 hotels signed agreements with a union yesterday to work together on redesigning jobs and training staff.

Hotels join forces with union to redesign jobs and train workers

SINGAPORE - A group of 18 hotels signed agreements with a union on Wednesday (Oct 23) to work together on redesigning jobs and training workers in their hotels.

Independent hotels are disappearing as big chains grow

NEW YORK (NYTIMES) - This should be the heyday of independent hotels, which by their very nature offer the distinctive experiences sought by many travelers.

Sweet online booking deals leave bitter taste

A Straits Times check of more than 20 hotel and airline booking sites found opaque pricing on most of the deals.

RedDoorz to add 11 Singapore budget hotels to network by end-2020

SINGAPORE - Singapore-based hospitality start-up RedDoorz will expand its portfolio of 18 budget hotel properties in Singapore to 29 by the end of 2020, it said on Tuesday (Oct 15).

A community to hang out with at your convenience

The first thing I spot is the beer tap. Right smack on the counter, it is sleek, shiny and holds the promise of free-flow, locally brewed craft beer.