Hyflux announces third potential investor, with non-binding offer for its overseas assets

The investor, whose identity was not revealed, also expressed interest in the operation and maintenance of those assets, in the hope of growing its own portfolio of desalination plants.

Sembcorp keen on Hyflux’s Tuaspring power plant, at the right price

SEMBCORP Industries is keeping its options open for Hyflux’s Tuaspring co-generation power plant "if the price was right".

Utico has so far submitted draft term sheet, not binding offer: Hyflux

NO BINDING offer to invest in Hyflux has been submitted by Utico, Hyflux said on Tuesday, contrary to a Reuters report s published over the weekend.

Hyflux set to lose control of Tuaspring integrated plant

Hyflux is set to lose Tuaspring Integrated Water and Power Plant (IWPP), which was once its largest asset but has now been flagged by some analysts as a millstone around the neck of the embattled...

Hyflux clarifies it has not received binding offer from Utico

NO binding offer to invest in Hyflux has been submitted by Utico, Hyflux said on Tuesday, contrary to a Reuters report that was published over the weekend.

Hyflux has cash to last 2-3 months, says founder Olivia Lum

The troubled water treatment firm is in a race against time to nail down new investors to keep operations going and avoid liquidation.

UAE's Utico submits binding offer to invest in Hyflux: CEO

Utico would provide working capital and any urgent interim funding to Hyflux as part of the offer, Richard Menezes said.

Hyflux bonds are no Lehman Minibonds

Reactions to the financial woes of water treatment company Hyflux have been robust, with several commentators equating it to the Lehman Minibonds fiasco 10 years ago when some 10,000 retail...

Oyster Bay Fund 'mulling investment in Hyflux'

ANOTHER potential investor has deepened talks with Hyflux as the insolvent water-treatment firm searches for fresh funds to stave off liquidation.

Perps as equity: Hyflux saga shows rethink needed

THE Hyflux saga has been in the news in recent months. One key area of contention is the accounting treatment for its perpetual securities, or perps. This article examines current accounting...