IE Singapore

Govt studying need for support measures in M&OE sector

THE Singapore government is deciding whether there is a need to support the beleaguered marine & offshore engineering (M&OE) industry, confirmed Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) S...

IE Singapore links up with banks to support new oil & gas projects (Amended)

IE Singapore is working with local banks to provide funding for new projects in the beleaguered oil and gas (O&G) sector.

Teo Eng Cheong leaving IE S'pore for Surbana Jurong

AFTER leading International Enterprise (IE) Singapore for five years, Teo Eng Cheong will step down as the trade agency's chief executive officer on Dec 31.

Singapore now Asia's most important commodities trading hub: IE Singapore

SINGAPORE'S total offshore trade turnover for commodities hit US$1.3 trillion in 2014, said International Enterprise (IE) Singapore on Tuesday.

People and mindset change the way forward

AS Singapore works on its way forward, the very same challenges it has faced since Day One - land and labour constraints - will still be there.

Beyond 50: Singapore's growth strategy shifts

SINGAPORE may have achieved an economic miracle in the five decades since independence, but its growth matrix for the next 50 years will be very different - and far more complex.