industry transformation

Different routes to the same startup

SWAT's data team includes engineers from research backgrounds and from big software companies; PhDs, working alongside an intern from the National University of Singapore; and citizens of...

The challenging journey to self-driving

TRANSPORT software startup Swat's chief executive officer Jarrold Ong is used to being on the move.

New angles on the film industry

WITH the rapid development of technology, once-complicated techniques are no longer flights of fancy for smaller filmmakers.

Sora Media finds a real market for VR

FOR Sora Media, producing virtual reality (VR) films is a very real business today.

Sustenir sows the seeds of success

GROWING cold-weather crops such as strawberries and kale in Singapore might seem impossible to many, but that is exactly what Sustenir Agriculture is doing.

Viddsee harnesses data for better drama

WHEN filmmaker Kenny Tan was approached to join Viddsee in April last year, he was nonplussed. His response, he recalls, was: "I'm not really the curator type, I do creation!"

Viddsee sees a future for short films

VISIT online video platform Viddsee, and one thing that might strike you - in contrast to other video hosting sites - is the utter lack of ads.

CBM goes from using bulky scrubbing machines to lighter devices

OVER two decades in CBM, Mohamad Yazid bin Jasnay, 39, has seen workloads lighten in many ways.

Facilities management provider CBM 'lets younger guys take the reins'

SOME transformations are gradual and tentative. Facilities management provider CBM's journey was quite the opposite.

Refining tastes made easier

THE mission remains the same: delivering flavours customised to clients' needs. But KH Roberts has grown better and more efficient in doing so - as new product development manager Derrick Heng, 33...

Getting a flavour of the future

BEHIND the familiar tastes of many beloved food and beverage products, both local and regional, lies the hidden hand of KH Roberts.