industry transformation

Refining tastes made easier

THE mission remains the same: delivering flavours customised to clients' needs. But KH Roberts has grown better and more efficient in doing so - as new product development manager Derrick Heng, 33...

Getting a flavour of the future

BEHIND the familiar tastes of many beloved food and beverage products, both local and regional, lies the hidden hand of KH Roberts.

Agents of change at OrangeTee & Tie

WHEN Lawrence Tan joined OrangeTee back in 2004 - before it became OrangeTee & Tie - the agency was already ahead of the curve.

Property agency with tech edge

FOR property agency OrangeTee & Tie, "going digital" is not just some recent initiative. Instead, that has been its modus operandi since day one.

Hotel's mobile app saves time by scanning guests' passports

GRAND Park City Hall's mobile application provides a better experience not just for guests, but also for the hotel's frontline staff as well.

Grand Park City Hall's new mobile app gives guests 'high-tech' feel

WITH its latest redevelopment, Grand Park City Hall has not just transformed physically, but gained a digital edge too.

Harder skills required in jobs today: A S Louken director

ESTABLISHING a brand was a very different task seven years ago, when Noah Lee joined Louken Group's brand agency A S Louken.

From follower to leader: How Louken helps clients on their overseas, digital journeys

IN Louken Group's early years, its clients pushed the firm to go abroad and acquire new capabilities. Today, the branding and communication company leads clients overseas and on digital journeys...

From machinist to production team leader

SHORTLY after Yeo Kain Thiong joined Hope Technik, he went from controlling shopfloor tools to building flying machines. Now, years later, he helps their new products take flight.

How Hope Technik went from free-spirited start-up to rigorous engineering firm

TRANSFORMATION is often seen - if erroneously - as an exercise meant for traditional firms which have not yet made the leap from old methods to future-ready approaches.

Maximising new opportunities in an old trade

JEWELLERY collections and designer handbags fill the shop window. Indoors, friendly staff wait behind glittering display counters.