Singapore still top in Asia on Global Innovation Index

Mr Winston Nesfield at Strategy& suggested that, given Singapore's market size limitations, it must choose "high-value innovation areas" including intelligent automation and artificial...

Singapore ranks 7th on Global Innovation Index, down one place from last year

SINGAPORE - Singapore retained its pole position for innovation among South-east Asian nations in the annual Global Innovation Index, but fell one ranking to seventh position globally.

Ferrero opens Asian innovation centre in S'pore

It may be hard to think of how well-loved chocolate products like Ferrero Rocher and hazelnut spread Nutella can be improved, but the company behind the sweet treats is looking to do just that by...

Singapore's local enterprises still not investing enough in R&D: A*Star chairman

Singapore's research landscape continues to be dominated by multinational corporations (MNCs) but more needs to be done to encourage local enterprises to invest in technology and innovation.

Two new coffee shops using digital payments and robots launched this weekend

SINGAPORE - Patrons to two new coffee shops in Tampines and Choa Chu Kang can look forward to fuss-free dining experiences, with new processes such as digital ordering and cashless payment options...

Think you know what intellectual property is? Try this quiz

Intellectual property, or IP, refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce.

Infineon finds Hope in local firm's robot

While small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may often view multinationals as unrelenting heavyweight competitors, collaborations between the two may well benefit both companies. In the third...

Intellectual property: The next big thing in business

For many, the phrase "intellectual property" (IP) would probably bring to mind one of those ads we have been subjected to over the years each time we went to the cinema, about the horrors of film...

Developing an innovation mindset

One example of innovative use of space is how firms operate by adopting the concept of flexible workspace.

Ingrained innovation culture needed for SMEs to reap benefits

Companies that effectively involve their entire organisations in innovation and which coordinate their innovation with a strategic, globally driven approach to marketing can realise real revenue...