UOB's private equity arm co-leads $42m investment in Thai fintech

SINGAPORE (THE BUSINESS TIMES) - UOB Venture Management, the private equity unit of UOB, has co-led a US$31.2 million (S$42.2 million) Series A funding round for Bangkok-based fintech start-up...

A look at global investment juggernaut BlackRock

NEW YORK (AFP) - BlackRock, sometimes called the most powerful company you have never heard of, has grown exponentially since its founding in 1988, especially since the 2008 financial crisis.

Short-term thinking is poisoning American business

In 2007, Mr James Rogers did the unthinkable. As chief executive of Duke Energy, one of the largest coal-powered utilities in the United States, he lobbied for the passage of aggressive cap-and-...

World may be days away from best asset returns in a decade

LONDON • Unless a once-in-a-decade reversal hits, investors are about to book once-in-a-decade returns.

S'pore-Nanjing project spurs closer work on tech solutions

A collaboration between Singapore and China to build a fourth-generation city has brought the two countries closer together to work on areas like artificial intelligence, said Singapore Chinese...

'Rice bowl' state sees investment surge in high-tech industries

Kedah state is better known for its scenic rice fields and sleepy towns, but it now looks set to rival Malaysia's other industrial centres Penang and Selangor as a manufacturing hub for foreign...

Women and wealth: Three findings and their risks

IN a decade of researching women and finance, I have interviewed over 800 highly accomplished women globally from diverse age groups, professions, industries, and backgrounds.

Tookitaki raises $26m in Series A funding

Singapore-based regulatory tech firm Tookitaki has raised US$19.2 million (S$26.2 million) in Series A funding as it seeks to expand its presence in international markets.

Tough early years helped entrepreneur Adren How succeed

Entrepreneur Adren How grew up in a family where every penny counted, so he understood the value of money very early on.

Fintechs in S'pore draw majority of funding in region: Report

Fintech firms here have continued to attract the lion's share of global funding among Asean countries, cementing Singapore's status as the sector's regional hub.

Temasek injects more money into UK start-up pureLiFi

SINGAPORE - Singapore state investment firm Temasek Holdings has pumped more money into an Edinburgh-headquartered start-up that delivers high-speed and secure internet through light, instead of...