Singapore unveils intellectual property initiatives to support Asean Industry 4.0

THE Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has announced a series of initiatives to support Asean's Industry 4.0 development.

知产局设新机构助商家 将品牌专利等带到海外


通过我国知识产权局新计划 菲金融科技公司七个月取得专利

  首家亚细安金融科技公司通过新加坡知识产权局(IPOS)的新计划下,在七个月内成功申请专利。知识产权局昨天发文告说,这是自4月推出金融科技专利优速(FinTech Fast Track initiative)的首个成功例子。

IPO activity disappoints in 2018 as big plans get iced

SINGAPORE is headed for its worst year of IPO activity since 2015, with 13 companies raising just S$715 million in gross proceeds from initial public offerings here so far this year.

Look beyond pedigree names that burnish young firms

THE year is 2018 and whether it's shares they're selling or digital tokens, the companies seeking public financing are getting younger and younger.



IPOs the dominant exit for startups; but S'pore lagging in this

INITIAL public offerings (IPOs), not mergers and acquisitions (M&A), form the dominant exit outcome for startups - and on this Singapore's track record has come up short.