More Singaporeans employed; saw faster pay gains in 2018

A GREATER share of younger and older Singapore residents were employed in 2018, and the average full-time worker enjoyed faster income growth, with the labour market improving as economic growth...

Successful digitalisation of global supply chain depends on people-related factors

FOR many companies, especially multinationals, supply chains are key drivers of efficiency, speed and agility, and, therefore, critical to long-term competitiveness. But while Industry 4.0-driven...

7 in 10 retrenched workers helped by taskforce found jobs within 6 months

SEVEN in 10 retrenched workers who were helped by a dedicated taskforce last year were able to find jobs within six months.

Machines to handle half of work tasks by 2025: WEF study

MACHINES and automated software will be handling fully half of all workplace tasks within seven years, a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) forecasts. But the group said that...

More Singaporeans find jobs, but long-term unemployment rate rises: MOM

MORE Singaporeans found jobs in the first half of this year than in the first six months of 2017, with local employment growth 1.5 times higher.

Tech jobs with soft skills fastest-growing in Singapore: LinkedIn

JOBS in technology that also require management and communication skills are growing the fastest in Singapore, a LinkedIn report revealed.

In an AI-centric future, skill sets must change

IT IS safe to say - and probably common knowledge - that artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly influence various aspects of our lives and fundamentally change the way we work and live....

FastJobs kiosk helps older workers find temporary, part-time jobs

RADIN MAS residents seeking temporary, part-time and contract jobs can now browse and apply for jobs in their neighbourhood via SMS.

Think there's been a productivity boom? Think again

LET'S travel back in time to 1995. Most Americans still remembered the calamitous inflation of the late 1970s (prices rose 13 per cent in 1979). Many federal benefits, including Social Security,...