Singapore retrenchments fall to 5-year low in Q1 as job vacancies rise

[SINGAPORE] The labour market continued to show slight improvements in the first quarter of 2018, with retrenchment figures falling to a five-year low and the number of job openings on the rise...

Singapore's fintech ambitions run into immigration hurdles

[SINGAPORE] Singapore's goal of becoming a high-tech financial hub are running into real-world problems of labour supply and demand.

Tomorrow's job interview may mean impressing a quick-thinking bot

WHEN Andrew Chamberlain started in his job four years ago in the research group at jobs website, he worked in a programming language called Stata.

Robotic automation key to Singapore's advanced manufacturing

SINGAPORE has identified advanced manufacturing as one of the key growth areas to maintain the country's standing in an increasingly competitive landscape.

End goal is to create good jobs, says Liang Eng Hwa at Pre-Budget Roundtable

IN developed economies of today, economic growth and activities are just a means to an end, which is to create good jobs, said Liang Eng Hwa, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for...

Job market still weak despite stronger economic growth

SINGAPORE - Singapore has been reporting more cheerful economic growth numbers this year but this pick-up is not translating into a stronger labour market.

Singapore's big businesses overtake small firms as job creators

[SINGAPORE] Singapore's larger companies created more jobs last year than small and medium-sized businesses for the first time since 2013 as the economy struggled in the face of sluggish domestic...

Singapore lines up 4 key strategies to create enough, better jobs

NET employment growth has slowed sharply from more than 200,000 before the 2009 financial crisis to around 33,000 jobs yearly, on the back of business uncertainty and low births and an aging...

PME jobs, gig economy top of the list

THE pressure on jobs for professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) and the corresponding rise of the gig economy - where full-time, conventional jobs are replaced by contracts - were some of the...