Mediation growing in importance as way to settle business disputes

A dispute in an Asean country between a developer and an architectural firm went on for years but mediation settled the case within a day.

New fronts for mediation as preferred form of dispute resolution amid Covid-19

A FAILED joint venture, strained communication and both parties - an American and a Korean - at loggerheads on how to move on.

Law firm linked to missing $33m faces lawsuit over $5m loan

A dormitory operator is suing JLC Advisors - the law firm at the centre of a saga on missing monies amounting to $33 million - over a $5 million loan.

It Changed My Life: The deaf-blind lawyer fighting for the disabled

Haben Girma, the first deaf-blind graduate from Harvard Law School, says disability is an opportunity for innovation.

Sherlock Holmes of Shenton Way

CALL them Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes. When companies smell a financial rat, forensic professionals are first picks for the A-team, and the need for their skills is on the rise.

Sakae seeks to rebound after legal woes

Last week, Singapore-listed Sakae Holdings finally caught a break in its long-time fight with former director Andy Ong, when the High Court ruled in its favour and found that Mr Ong did breach his...