Global Ready Talent programme launched to train young talent for overseas postings

COMPANIES struggling to fill overseas postings with the right talent are getting more help to equip their next-generation workforce with relevant overseas experience.

Industries race ahead to beef up digital skills

THE state of the economy seems to have little impact on company training plans, as businesses rolled out a slew of union-led staff-upgrading projects in recent months.

Wanted: Warm bodies; age no object

EMPLOYERS here expect staff costs to climb with the higher retirement age, as well as Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution changes.

Government to engage businesses on raising of retirement age, develop support package: DPM Heng

[SINGAPORE] Ministers from the Finance Ministry will continue to actively engage businesses, unions and other stakeholders, and develop a support package to help with the transition to higher...

Labour costs to go up faster in 2019: MAS

ULC, which measures the cost of labour for each unit of economic output, is tipped to pick up - despite milder wage growth - as productivity slackens, according to the latest half-yearly economic...

Labour crunch takes centre stage in the House

WITH Singapore's ageing local workforce projected to start shrinking next year, the labour pool was a hot topic in Parliament, as its debate on this year's Budget began on Tuesday.

Gig economy taking off but observers flag risks

THE gig economy may be taking off, but labour and economy experts here are more concerned about traditional self-employed workers, such as private tutors and taxi drivers.

Enterprise Singapore teams up to launch three human resource initiatives

ENTERPRISE Singapore, in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower and other agencies, has launched two new measures and enhanced another to strengthen human resource operations.

How Singapore's tighter manpower policy is playing out for businesses

From more locals in workforce to higher productivity, the benefits are evident; but businesses in some sectors are finding it hard to cope.

[VIDEO] What else should have been in Singapore Budget 2018?

We ask four experts what else they would have liked to see in this year's Budget.

Singapore Budget 2018: Status quo on foreign manpower rules a let-down for businesses

COMPANIES grappling with the tech talent shortage were disappointed that Budget 2018 did not contain measures to ease Singapore's tight foreign manpower rules.