More working from home feel stressed than those on Covid-19 front line

IT project manager Valerie Lim, 45, is very relieved that Singapore is now in phase two of its reopening as her two children, aged five and 11, are back in school.

Bjorn Lee, CEO of

TEN YEARS AGO, when he suddenly experienced chest pains at the young age of 29, entrepreneur Bjorn Lee thought that he was having a heart attack.

Bear in mind stresses of working from home, say MPs

With the continued need for social distancing in Singapore, many employees have had to adapt to working from home, which comes with its own set of challenges, said several MPs yesterday.

RedDoorz offers online counselling to staff, hotel partners

SINGAPORE-BASED RedDoorz on Thursday said it is providing its employees, hotel partners and their staff free online counselling sessions as part of its regional corporate social responsibility...

Business As Usual

While most Singaporeans are still getting the hang of staying home during this Circuit Breaker period, Charles Yap has it down pat.

Burnout likely a common problem here, Singaporeans among most stressed at work globally

Singapore is an extremely competitive and materialistic society, so people hold their jobs and titles in high esteem, explained one psychiatrist.

Calm does it in a calm way

WHAT do trains and a good night's sleep have in common? Apparently, stories about the former can bring about the latter.