merdeka generation

Singaporeans polled generally supportive of Budget 2019 measures: Reach

SINGAPORE - More than 80 per cent of Singaporeans polled about this year's Budget supported the Merdeka Generation Package.

FairPrice freezes prices of 100 house brand items till mid-2020

To help moderate the rising cost of living and protect shoppers from price fluctuations, FairPrice has pledged to freeze the prices of 100 FairPrice house brand products for the next 15 months....

FairPrice to hold prices of 100 house brand products for a year, introduce Merdeka Generation discount

Singaporeans born in the 1950s will soon be able to enjoy a 3 per cent discount on purchases at all FairPrice outlets on Wednesdays under a $2.7 million scheme.

President Halimah Yacob signs off on Budget

This year's Budget is "forward looking and inclusive" and is aimed at taking Singapore into the next phase of nation building, said President Halimah Yacob yesterday, as she gave her approval to...