Citi, Lazada roll out millennial-focused credit card in Singapore

AS THE purchasing power of tech-savvy millennials continues to climb, Citi and regional e-commerce platform Lazada are targeting to serve over 50 per cent of young professionals in Singapore with...

Young and not so upwardly mobile

IN 2015, the last time any study of its kind was published, the Finance Ministry looked at incomes of those born from 1978-1982 (aged 37-41 this year) and concluded that inter-generational income...

Customise, mentor, engage to capture millennials' interest

PARTICIPANTS at a seminar which set out to put a finger on millennial customers and colleagues concluded that this demographic is a diverse group that defies pigeon-holing.

Learning how to engage millennials

MILLENNIALS will soon surpass baby boomers to become the most powerful consumers on the planet. But what does it take to get through to them?

Young, rich and generous: More millennials donating to their universities, some with large sums

Their desire to give back is strong, with some donating five-, six- or even seven-figure sums.

5 work trends

Often cited as a symptom of the "flighty" millennial generation, job-hopping may be shaking off its negative image.

Millennials realise they don't know much about investing

EVERYONE thinks they have millennials figured out. But a new report suggests we don't know what we think we know about this critical demographic, especially when it comes to investing.

How to sell stuff to the millennial customer

WHY are millennials getting so much attention these days? The obvious answer is that this generation is now the largest population worldwide.