Ministry of National Development

Singapore seeks to push the boundaries on sustainability: Desmond Lee

By 2030, urban life in Singapore is likely to look greener and feel cooler. More buildings could see facades clad in a protective envelope of nature, said National Development Minister Desmond Lee...

Construction sector's transformation to be quickened

The pace of industry transformation in the hard-hit construction sector will be quickened so that it can be on a stronger footing after the pandemic.

Lunch With Sumiko: To solve a problem, build trust and relationships first, says Desmond Lee

Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee is a strong believer in creating a culture of collaboration.

Farmers in Singapore to be given more help to raise productivity

SINGAPORE - More help will be given to farmers in the Republic to buffer against any global food supply shocks due to climate change.

Extra $700m in projects to boost construction sector

More estates will get a makeover and new walkways will be built across Singapore, as the Government seeks to give a fillip to the beleaguered construction industry.

Govt to bring forward $1.4 billion in public amenities works, in boost for construction firms

SINGAPORE - In a fillip for the beleaguered construction industry, the Government - its biggest client - is bringing forward $700 million worth of public amenities projects to this year and next...

Construction sector must face up to reality: Desmond Lee

The push for technology in the building and construction sector may cause some companies to shut down or consolidate if they do not keep pace, said Second Minister for National Development and...