Free to choose, but at what price?

Recent events such as the Hong Kong protests, suggested tax on sugar and proposed ban on personal mobility devices (PMDs), as well as the cancellation by Yale-NUS College of the "Dialogue and...

GrabFood seeks understanding as riders adjust to e-scooter ban

Customers should be prepared for longer waits and cancelled orders when a ban on the use of electric scooters on public footpaths kicks in today, said food delivery provider GrabFood.

Will a PMD ban hurt food delivery firms?

A potential ban on personal mobility devices (PMDs) like e-scooters in the wake of reckless behaviour by riders could have a costly impact on gig economy workers zipping about delivering food.

Food delivery firms take up third-party liability insurance

Pedestrians are now better placed to claim for damages should they get into an accident involving riders from food delivery services in Singapore.

Mandatory training, helmet use for NUS' Grab e-scooter service

New rules have been introduced for users of the GrabWheels trial e-scooter service at the National University of Singapore (NUS), after a week-long safety timeout was called following a spate of...

Start-up Beam to supply foodpanda riders with e-scooters in 3-month trial

SINGAPORE - Singapore-based start-up Beam will be providing 20 Land Transport Authority-registered e-scooters to foodpanda riders during a three-month trial, under a partnership with the food...

Grab rolls out e-scooter service in trial at NUS

Students rushing to classes at the National University of Singapore (NUS) now have a faster way of getting there, thanks to a new e-scooter sharing service.

Baicycle - a different spin on bike-sharing

Another dockless bike-sharing service - this time backed by Chinese electronics firm Xiaomi - is expected to make its debut by the end of the year in what is becoming an increasingly crowded...