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Novelship in race to capture Asia's resale market for rare sneakers

THE race is afoot to capture the resale market for collectors' sneakers and streetwear in Asia, and Singapore-based Novelship is all laced up and ready to run.

Bootstrapped but profitable now, SGeBiz finally ready for VC-funded growth

FOR three years, Singapore E-Business (SGeBiz) founders Edmund Nathan and Ernie Heng did not draw a salary. They struggled to provide for their families, and in the darkest of days the company had...

AEvice brings wearables and the cloud to paediatric asthma treatment

AEvice Health chief executive Adrian Ang had asthma as a child, so he understands how challenging it can be to manage the respiratory condition in young children.

SoCash turns shops into cheaper ATMs for banks

BANKS in Singapore spend about US$200 million a year on ATM maintenance, logistics, insurance, counting and cleaning cash, and a host of other expenses just to maintain circulation of physical...

Dialysis device startup Advent Access soothes kidney patients' pain

KIDNEY-failure patients undergoing hemodialysis suffer numerous needle insertions every week, with each prick running the risk of pain, ineffectiveness and wearing out the target vein.