Singapore's manufacturing PMI hits 33-month high

Factory activity rose for the 12th straight month in August, posting the highest reading since November 2014 as electronics production surged to its best showing in nearly seven years.

连续10个月扩张 我国6月份PMI环比微增

  采购与物流管理学院最新数据显示,尽管全球市场环境刮起逆风和充满不明朗因素,但本地制造业仍然未受到抑制。 在新订单、新出口、库存和产出改善的支持下,我国6月份整体采购经理指数(PMI)比上一个月微增0.1至50.9,连续10个月扩张。

Singapore's PMI falls to 49.7 in July

SINGAPORE's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) reverted to contraction mode in July, slipping 0.7 point to 49.7 after rising for two straight months.