Think there's been a productivity boom? Think again

LET'S travel back in time to 1995. Most Americans still remembered the calamitous inflation of the late 1970s (prices rose 13 per cent in 1979). Many federal benefits, including Social Security,...

Put the 'human' back into human capital

As technological change disrupts entire industries and inequality threatens political stability, attention has shifted towards the question of how to upskill the labour force for higher...

Views From The Top: Purpose over paycheque

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Why do you think the level of employee engagement in Singapore is below-average, compared to other countries? How might an employer spark enthusiasm and boost the sense of...

Time spent on admin tasks - what's it costing your business?

WHAT could your business achieve with an extra 168 working days a year?

Boost for food business eyeing overseas markets

New grants and tax deductions to help local firms go international and innovate could have Aussies enjoying Singapore's sizzling flavours of beef rendang and curry chicken while the elderly here...

New grant not a clone of old PIC scheme

A new initiative - seen by some as a replacement for the popular Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme - has received a qualified thumbs up from the industry.

Companies Fostering tie-ups at home and in region

A regionwide enterprise network and a simplified grant scheme for industry tie-ups are in the works to help Singapore companies reap the benefits of innovation.

VIEWS: Singapore's manpower conundrum

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Should Singapore's foreign manpower curbs be relaxed for certain sectors? How might businesses raise the productivity of their staff?

5,200 firms tap govt scheme to stay lean

About 5,200 companies have benefited from a government programme to help firms reduce their reliance on foreign labour, adopt manpower-lean initiatives, create better-paying jobs and drive...

More funds to help trade associations and chambers drive enterprise

More government support is on the way to encourage trade associations and chambers (TACs) to work together on major projects and help manufacturers to lift productivity.

BCA to give advance notice on building projects that need high level of prefabrication

SINGAPORE - From Tuesday (Oct 3), the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) will give advance notice about upcoming projects requiring higher levels of prefabrication.