Disruption in HDB heartlands

HDB shops become hipster cafes, and a wet market business goes digital, as a new generation takes over traditional businesses

'Jackpot Auntie' in legal tussle with firm she helped set up

"Jackpot Auntie" Choo Hong Eng, who was hailed for giving away $410,000 in casino winnings to charity, is being sued for more than $200,000 by Kwan Inn Vegetarian Cuisine, the company she helped...

Timing, luck and the right people behind PS.Cafe's success: Peter Teo

The new PS.Cafe at One Fullerton was meant to open just before National Day. But a week after Aug 9, Peter Teo, one of its three co-founders, was still standing in what he called "a building site...

Zen Fut Sai Kai, said to be Singapore's oldest vegetarian restaurant, closes after 64 years

SINGAPORE - A vegetarian restaurant along Kitchener Road that first opened in 1953 has closed down after 64 years.

Michelin-starred Chef Kang battled cancer, weathered bankruptcy

Mr Ang Song Kang, who is better known as Chef Kang, has not forgotten his impoverished childhood amid his current, hard-won success.

Eateries do more to prevent fights on premises

They have reminded staff to be polite to customers, and displayed their prices more prominently - in the aftermath of brawls at their eateries earlier this year. These complement existing security...

Putien: Mum’s home-cooked meals, for the whole world

In 1987, seeking a different life, Mr Fong left his hometown of Putian, a small agricultural village in China nestled between sea and mountain. After a pit stop in Hong Kong, he found himself in...

PastaMania: Breaking into new markets with a well-oiled franchising system

Concerted efforts to bring PastaMania overseas only roared to life in 2013, about a decade after Commonwealth Capital bought over the brand. Those ten years served as an incubation period, during...

Tung Lok's recipe for China success: Singapore food

Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) has switched tacks to sell Singapore cuisine in China - as its previous Chinese restaurant brand there was like "trying to sell ice to Eskimos".

Tung Lok opens second Singapore Seafood restaurant in Beijing as it eyes expansion in China

SINGAPORE - Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) has opened its second Singapore Seafood by TungLok in Beijing, and is exploring further expansion in China in a bid to reduce over-dependence on its key market...