Business at porridge eatery not affected by brawls, says manager

Fights may have erupted twice at the Heng Long Teochew Porridge shop in Upper Serangoon Road, but it has not been bad for business.

44-year-old Joo Chiat bak kut teh restaurant closing on Friday due to shortage of manpower

SINGAPORE - A bak kut teh restaurant at Joo Chiat with 44 years of history is closing on Friday (June 30) due to manpower shortage, and customers have been flocking to the eatery for a last taste...

Zam Zam boss saved for 3 years to take 27 employees to Mecca for minor pilgrimage

SINGAPORE - The boss of Indian Muslim restaurant Singapore Zam Zam saved for three years to take 27 of his staff to Mecca for their first umrah, or minor pilgrimage, to repay them for their years...

Tim Palace restaurant suspended for expired pre-packed food, unregistered food handlers

SINGAPORE - Tim Palace restaurant at Safra Toa Payoh has been suspended for two weeks by the National Environment Agency starting from today (Monday June 5).

Do restaurants have a 10-year expiry date?

In the ever fickle dining world, is a 10-year lifespan for restaurants considered too long?

Old Chang Kee to open in London

Biting into a crisp golden brown Hainanese-style curry puff in London will soon be possible.

Restaurant owners project their brand with chic staff uniform

Gone are the days when service staff at food and beverage outlets are attired in inconspicuous outfits, an afterthought in the large scheme of operating and setting up a restaurant.

No Signboard Seafood launches vending machine cluster in Tampines

SINGAPORE - The mamak shop - a convenience store found in the void deck of many Housing Board flats - has gone high tech.

Sakae seeks to rebound after legal woes

Last week, Singapore-listed Sakae Holdings finally caught a break in its long-time fight with former director Andy Ong, when the High Court ruled in its favour and found that Mr Ong did breach his...