The kindest cut?: How to better manage a retrenchment exercise

JUST like how there is no truly happy divorce, there is no such thing as a merry - or even successful - retrenchment exercise.

WeWork to lay off 2,400 workers worldwide

[WASHINGTON] Embattled office sharing firm WeWork will lay off 2,400 employees worldwide - about a fifth of its workforce - as the it struggles to reorganise amid mounting losses, the company...

Retrenchments at a 7-year low last year

THE labour market improved on several fronts over the whole of last year, with retrenchments down to the lowest level since 2011.

More Singaporeans find jobs, but long-term unemployment rate rises: MOM

MORE Singaporeans found jobs in the first half of this year than in the first six months of 2017, with local employment growth 1.5 times higher.