Cancer screening startup Lucence raises US$20m in funding led by IHH

GENOMIC medicine firm Lucence Diagnostics on Wednesday announced it has closed a US$20 million Series A funding round led by mainboard-listed IHH Healthcare, one of the world’s largest private...

Singapore deep tech startups face Series B funding gap: SGInnovate

WHEN the time came for one of SGInnovate's portfolio companies to raise Series B funds, the Singapore-based deep tech startup found that there was no local investor either willing or big enough to...

Singapore-backed AI startup Taiger wins US$25m from investors

[HONG KONG] Taiger, a Singapore-backed artificial intelligence (AI) startup whose clients include Bank of America, AIA Group and Banco Santander, has raised US$25 million of funding for its...

SGInnovate, RB Capital back AI startup’s US$24m funding round

BRITISH artificial-intelligence (AI) firm has raised US$24 million from strategic investors including SGInnovate, the Singapore government's innovation platform, and Singapore-based RB...



创新实验室FinLab推出计划 助中小企发展与进行数码化




  于2016年底成立的新加坡创新机构昨天庆祝成立一周年,该机构以投资精深科技(deep tech)起步公司为主。

Working together key to growing Singapore's startup ecosystem

SINGAPORE'S transformation over the past few decades from a developing country into one of the most innovative and tech-savvy metropolis in the world has been remarkable.

YCH's SCAngels, SGInnovate give Singapore deep tech startups a leg-up

SUPPLY Chain Angels (SCAngels), the corporate venture arm of YCH Group, on Wednesday announced its partnership with SGInnovate to bolster Singapore's deep tech startup scene.

创新机构明年拟投资 至少20家精深科技起步公司

  新加坡创新机构(SGInnovate)明年计划投资至少20家本地精深科技(deep tech)起步公司,例如研发人工智能和区块链(blockchain)等技术的公司,打造活跃的科技起步生态圈。

SGInnovate to invest in 20 startups, engage 15,000 participants under new deep tech strategy

SGINNOVATE will invest in at least 20 deep tech startups founded in Singapore and have 15,000 participants take part in more than 150 deep-tech events in 2018, the Singapore government-owned...