Rise of Malaysia’s middle class presents opportunities

With the rise of the middle class, what kind of business opportunities does the consumer industry present to Singapore companies? In this issue of “Businesses in ASEAN”, we zoom in on Malaysia to...

全球起步公司融资规模下滑两成 我国企业首季集资增三倍


ShopBack looks to scale up in Australia

SINGAPORE startup ShopBack is wrestling for a larger slice of the e-commerce pie in Australia - the firm's seventh and newest market in Asia-Pacific.



ShopBack raises US$25m in latest funding round

SINGAPORE - E-commerce firm ShopBack has raised US$25 million in its latest funding round, bringing the company's total financing to date to close to US$40 million.

The Peak Power List 2017: Henry Chan, Shopback

There are seven SIM cards taped to the back of Henry Chan’s mobile phone. They hail from the countries the co-founder and CEO of the online cashback portal Shopback is frequenting for business –...

ShopBack: conquering six markets in under three years

From a Singapore-based team of just three people in 2014 to a regional force of over 120 employees today, e-commerce cashback start-up ShopBack explains how it has managed to flourish across six...

Lai Shanru of ShopBack, on turning an idea into reality

Block 71 may not have the same global cachet as say, Area 51 or even Taipei 101, but this non-descript building in Ayer Rajah Crescent lies at the centre of Singapore's burgeoning start-up scene...

Bringing sexy to cashback

THEY say that third time’s the charm. For serial entrepreneur Henry Chan, the adage has proven true.

A mechanical engineer by training,...

ShopBack eyes S-E Asia's US$60b e-commerce market

SHOPBACK, a Singapore startup that offers a "novel approach to online shopping in Asia" - providing users cashback when they shop at affiliated online stores - is looking to tap into the US$60...