Singapore aerospace

Aviation companies slash prices, waive fees as virus outbreak persists

SINGAPORE'S aviation industry is bracing for the Covid-19 outbreak disruption to persist, with companies in the sector implementing pay cuts and slashing flight prices and change fees.

Singapore air transport sector gets help to reskill amid virus outbreak

COMPANIES in Singapore's air transport sector will receive an enhanced training and support package to help defray business costs and protect workers' jobs amid the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

Coway Engineering: Finding a niche

IDENTIFYING a service gap early on was Coway Engineering & Marketing's gateway into the aerospace industry in 1996. The company observed that most precision engineering companies in the 1990s...

TransFingo: Tackling the manpower challenge

FOUNDED in 2003, outsourced solutions provider TransFingo has always had a vision to serve the aerospace industry, says managing director Kelvin Chung.

Globaltronic Precision: From semiconductors to aircraft

FOUNDED in 2002, Globaltronic Precision is one company that leveraged its expertise in precision machining for the semiconductor industry to start serving the aerospace industry in 2006.

SMEs take local aerospace industry higher

THIS February, Singapore will host more than 1,000 companies from over 50 countries at the biennial Singapore Airshow, Asia's largest international aviation and defence event. With Singapore's...