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Hyflux takes $916m impairment for Tuaspring, other assets

Hyflux has taken a $916 million impairment for the nine months ended Sept 30, to adjust for a fall in carrying value of the Tuaspring water and power plant and other write-downs.

Hyflux retail investors want fairer share of assets: Sias

Disgruntled retail investors holding Hyflux perpetual securities and preference shares have come up with an alternative proposal that could claw back more money for the 34,000-strong group that is...

Clash over $2.7b of debt at Hyflux heats up

SINGAPORE (BLOOMBERG) - Singapore's troubled water treatment company Hyflux, formerly celebrated as a hallmark of entrepreneurship in better times, is set for a humbling week.

Straits Times survey finds Singapore's fastest-growing companies

SINGAPORE - Firms that set the pace these days tend to be in the technology sector but one of Singapore's fastest growing companies is in the far-from-glamorous field of recycling precious metals...

Best World hiring third party to review practices

Best World International is hiring an independent reviewer to scrutinise its business and accounting practices, after The Business Times raised concerns last week over the challenges in tracking...

Hyflux gets nod for scheme meeting over restructuring bid

The High Court has approved an application by embattled water treatment firm Hyflux and three of its subsidiaries to convene a scheme meeting with its creditors over a proposed restructuring.

Hyflux reorganisation plan will see heavy losses for small investors

Beleaguered firm says investors and creditors would get even less if it were to go into liquidation.

Olivia Lum: From abandoned child to multimillionaire

Born in a small town called Kampar in Perak, she was abandoned at birth and brought up by an illiterate Chinese woman.

Hyflux can gain up to $258m working capital

A proposed restructuring exercise would give water treatment firm Hyflux a reboot that could gain it up to $258 million in working capital.

Hyflux in hot water: 6 things about embattled CEO Olivia Lum

SINGAPORE - Once upon a time, it seemed she rode a perpetually cresting wave from one success to the next.