Twelve Cupcakes fined $119,500 over multiple counts of underpaying its employees

Former owners of the chain, radio DJ Daniel Ong and former model Jaime Teo, are also facing similar charges.

Daniel Ong, Jaime Teo charged in Twelve Cupcakes wages case

Local radio DJ Daniel Ong Ming Yu and former model Jaime Teo Chai-lin were hauled to court yesterday over offences under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act linked to pastry chain Twelve...

Eng's wonton mee business fight: Court dismisses claims made by partner, founder's daughters

With a trademark dispute still before the court, the battle over the wonton mee business is far from over.

Cousin of Mustafa boss says dad cried 'like a baby' after making will

A cousin of Mustafa Centre boss Mustaq Ahmad told the High Court yesterday that his father came home crying "like a baby" one day in 2004, after making a will stating that he held a 15.12 per cent...

Stepbrother of Mustafa boss felt he was being treated like a 'servant'

Mr Ayaz Ahmed said he lived in an apartment with 10 other people, which he compared to living conditions of construction workers.

Seven linked to shipbuilding firm Keppel Fels charged with corruption offences including taking $879,900 in bribes

The offences, which included taking bribes in exchange for furthering the business interests of three companies, were committed between 2014 and 2017.

Step-family of Mustafa Centre boss accuses him of slew of wrongdoings as High Court suit opens

It alleges that he cheated father, stepmother, step-siblings so his own family could line its pockets.

Poh Heng fined for failing to submit cash sale report; buyer linked to SkillsFuture scam

SINGAPORE - Even after a customer paid Poh Heng more than $20,000 in cash from his bag and pockets, the jeweller did not raise the alarm to the authorities about the transaction.

Son of founder of Eng's wonton noodles in court again after falling out with business partner

This time, Mr Desmond Ng is being sued by the business partner over an alleged conspiracy to "injure" their company and cause it to suffer losses.

Construction worker fined $2k for breaching quarantine order

A construction worker breached his quarantine amid the Covid-19 outbreak as he wanted to visit his bank to inquire about supposed unauthorised transactions.

Law firm linked to missing $33m faces lawsuit over $5m loan

A dormitory operator is suing JLC Advisors - the law firm at the centre of a saga on missing monies amounting to $33 million - over a $5 million loan.