Singapore SMEs

Collaborations key to going global

INTERNATIONALISATION has been a focus of Singapore and local enterprises for decades. In fact, Singapore companies engaged in overseas business activity has risen to an all-time high (83 per cent...

Spearheading transformation in the semiconductor industry

THE journey of Feinmetall Singapore began when general manager Sam Chee Wah set sights on Singapore's strong institutional support for SMEs.

A toast to a Singapore icon

AT kaya toast chain Ya Kun, the business operates like "one big family" - one with different roles and functions, says Jesher Loi, director of branding and market development. It's a family-...

Construction firms challenged as business shrinks, cashflow hit

THE beleaguered oil and gas industry has barely started to climb out of the hole when another major business sector - construction - is headed for dark times, with increasing liquidations and...

How Singapore's family-owned SMEs can shoot for the moon

LOCAL small and medium-sized family-run companies with an ageing leadership and concerned about their legacy and the longevity of their business can turn to the moon for inspiration.

Born during crisis, Times Software sees opportunity in adversity

TRADITIONAL HR processes that use outdated technology such as punch cards and local drives can be time-consuming and tedious. Citing a personal example, Charles Liaw, 59, once had to travel all...

SMEs feeling bite of trade battles but retail and F&B buck trend

SINGAPORE SMEs will look to expand in 2019, but show greater caution than six months ago as trade tensions continue to simmer, the latest SBF-DP SME Index showed on Monday.

Many SMEs fail to plan more than a year ahead: ACCA survey

MORE than one in four of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – or 27 per cent – do not have a company vision that spans more than a year, according to a global survey by the Association of...

Building on 40 years of experience - and for the future

YOU can say, but do you do; is a question that Rodney Cheong, 49, says guides his approach to running his family's architectural supplies business.

How to build and scale an online marketplace

THINK about the last time you ordered a meal to be delivered, or a ride home from work. Chances are you used one of the many multi-sided online marketplaces that are transforming our daily lives,...