Time for collective decision-making on the future of work

PREDICTING the future is a fraught mission. But there is a remarkable conformity of response from people of otherwise vastly different experiences when asked to describe what they feel about the...

Tomorrow's job interview may mean impressing a quick-thinking bot

WHEN Andrew Chamberlain started in his job four years ago in the research group at jobs website, he worked in a programming language called Stata.

Singapore will lack 1m skilled workers by 2030: study

SINGAPORE is short of more than 1 million skilled workers - a gap that could translate into revenue losses of US$106.8 billion annually by 2030, according to a new study.

The SME Magazine (March/April 2018): Putting people first

WE ALL know that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to transform themselves to compete in today's economy.

Government to help SMEs become digitally savvy: Yaacob

THE government has been working hard to help Singaporean companies, particularly SMEs (small and medium enterprises), to be better prepared for the digital economy, Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for...

Good HR practices, training programmes crucial to support SMEs' growth

STAFF at The White Rabbit, a European-themed restaurant housed in a former chapel in Dempsey; Odette, a fine dining restaurant at National Gallery Singapore; Tanjong Beach Club, a coastal restaurant...