More help for PMETs and businesses in manufacturing sector

SINGAPORE - Manufacturers will get increased support so they can hire staff to support their business transformation while workers who want to enter the sector can get more help with their career...

SP Group to spend $35m and work with union on skills training for all 3,600 staff

SINGAPORE - Energy utilities provider SP Group will spend $35 million in the next three years to upgrade the skills of all its 3,600 staff, working with a union to identify relevant programmes as...

Rising number of tech grads set to plug gap in sector

The number of local university graduates from technology-related courses is set to grow by two-thirds by 2022, which experts say will go some way towards plugging the gap in the sector.

Singapore to roll out first certification framework for AI engineers in early 2020

SINGAPORE - The Republic will roll out its first certification framework for artificial intelligence (AI) engineers in early 2020 to help meet the growing demand from employers here for proven...

Hotels tie up with union to redesign jobs, train staff

A group of 18 hotels signed agreements with a union yesterday to work together on redesigning jobs and training staff.

Hotels join forces with union to redesign jobs and train workers

SINGAPORE - A group of 18 hotels signed agreements with a union on Wednesday (Oct 23) to work together on redesigning jobs and training workers in their hotels.

Dairy Farm Singapore and union to collaborate on job transformation and training for over 5,000 workers

SINGAPORE - Retailer Dairy Farm Singapore will work with a union to help more than 5,000 workers here adapt to jobs that are being transformed by technology.

Tertiary institutions boost efforts to impart emerging skills

THE universities and polytechnics will ramp up efforts to train people in emerging skills such as machine learning, entrepreneurship and data analytics.

New national framework for design skills to drive innovation in Singapore

SINGAPORE - A new national framework for the design industry was launched on Wednesday (July 24) by Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing in the nation's push to become an innovation-driven...

More help for SMEs to send staff for skills training

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will receive even more financial support to send their staff for skills training with a grant that could see a $2,000 training course fee slashed to just...

New basic training course on fintech launched

A new short training course on fintech has been launched to help junior executives in the banking and financial services industry better understand how key technology trends will impact the way...