How OCBC busts the fear factor over jobs upheaval

THERE is fear that plagues some employees at OCBC when it comes to tackling the sensitive topic of the future of jobs, but the bank is determined to make sure that employees are trained to be...

政府拟冒险尝试 让中小企登大舞台 徐芳达吁请公众支持


Earn and Learn scheme to be launched for air transport sector

MANPOWER constraints are expected across all sectors due to Singapore's demographic changes and the keen competition for talent, said Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education...

The importance of championing skills development to remain competitive

The current business environment presents both challenges and opportunities for employers. The pace of innovation and emergence of disruptive...

Degree holders face global competition in hunt for jobs

In many developed societies, including Singapore, young people and their parents hold strongly to the belief that a degree will lead to better job prospects and subsequently afford them a...

SkillsFuture, four years on

It has been about four years since the term SkillsFuture was introduced to Singaporeans.

Useful or not? Users get to rate SkillsFuture courses

Users of the MySkillsFuture platforms can now make more informed course selections, as both the Web portal and phone app are displaying user ratings for selected courses for the first time.

No firm is too small or too old to leverage technology: Google Singapore boss

Technology giant Google has consistently topped rankings for the best workplace, and is well-known for giving employees free lunches, napping rooms and even massages and hairdressing services.

Will robots take over our jobs?

With robots increasingly taking over jobs, including those that require technical skills, it may be the "fuzzy" or soft skills that will save your job.

中小企业技能创前程交流会 探讨加强员工培训