SMEs invest for future as global economy stays volatile

It has been a turbulent 2019 for Singapore's manufacturers as the uncertain global economy dampened prospects, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Former pasar malam stall now holds Facebook live auctions

The shift online has helped it to remain in a fixed location that all customers can "visit" virtually and allow the marketing team to expand its capabilities.

Entrepreneurs urged to be progressive, stay nimble, competitive

MARRYING an old-school trade and the digital economy, the bosses of a mechanical engineering firm and a digital marketing consultancy both took home the 31st Entrepreneur of the Year Award on...

More Singapore firms making their mark in the land of kimchi

Timing was everything for Singapore start-up ViSenze when it decided to enter the South Korean market in 2016.

Keppel's M1 joins IMDA scheme for new businesses, amid SME market push

KEPPEL-OWNED M1 has become the third telco in a government scheme providing digital solutions to small businesses, as it joined the Start Digital initiative on Tuesday.

Fintech firms urged to target SMEs

Financial technology firms hoping to carve out an edge in South-east Asia will have to target the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region.

Got a New Idea? This scheme can help

A new service has been set up to help businesses develop new ideas that they have devised.

SMEs must press on with global plans: ESG

DESPITE a global growth slowdown and disruption from trade tensions, Kathy Lai, the deputy chief executive of government agency Enterprise Singapore (ESG), is still urging companies to expand...

Telcos will do well to deepen engagement with SMEs in good times or bad

SMALL businesses have turned cautious amid a cooling economy, Singtel enterprise chief Bill Chang said at a results briefing in August.

3 SMEs share their pro-family strategies at event

Feedback from staff at 3E Accounting that they were unable to use up their medical claim entitlements prompted bosses to add more options that can be accessed.

Flying into headwinds, firms find silver linings in the trade war

HOMEGROWN furniture company Koda freed up capacity at its factory in Vietnam to serve new customers, and is looking to start manufacturing in Indonesia or another neighbouring country in the next...