Smart Nation

Facebook Singapore launches digital upskilling initiative for developing tech skills

FROM Wednesday, up to 2,700 participants and 1,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be able to upskill under a new initiative launched by Facebook Singapore, as the Big Tech firm aims to...

TraceTogether check-ins not compulsory yet, retailers told after some outlets turn on function too early

TraceTogether-only SafeEntry will be implemented only after everyone has had a chance to collect a token.

Singapore's tech readiness gave it head start amid crisis: Vivian

Singapore's technology preparedness gave the Republic "a head start" in responding to acute needs when the Covid-19 pandemic erupted earlier this year, said Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation...

New token, updated app and privacy concerns

Questions have been raised about the implications for privacy with the announcement of a contact tracing device and an updated version of an existing app, both developed by the Government.

Streamlining govt e-services, expanding digital MC scheme among Smart Nation efforts unveiled

A SINGLE touchpoint for common government services and expanded use of digital Medical Certificates (MCs) were among a slew of digitalisation efforts unveiled by Minister-in-Charge of the Smart...

Singapore calls for more global partners, including Chinese firms, in AI march

BARCELONA, SPAIN - Singapore will continue to work with all players, including Chinese firms, to roll out artificial intelligence (AI) technologies needed for a smart city, even while the United...

Why going digital-only is not a win-win solution

DIGITAL transformation has hit countries around the globe. The Lion City is one of the world's top hotbeds for technology and innovation today. In fact, Singapore accounted for a quarter of the...

New measures to protect citizens' data will limit damage done by breaches: Experts

SINGAPORE - The 13 technical measures recommended by the Public Sector Data Security Review committee would have lessened the potential damage of recent data breaches and are indication that the...

Public service to roll out 13 measures to protect citizens' personal data following data breaches

These measures aim to make databases unusable if information has been wrongfully extracted, among other things.

$40m kitty set up for 5G trials to fuel Singapore's goal of leading in digital economy

One of the key uses of 5G here is in smart port management, where an operator can remotely control driverless cranes and trucks.

PM Lee Hsien Loong cites three ingredients for success in Smart Nation vision

It is no secret that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is a techie.