Smart Nation

Underground build-up: Singapore building deep

Singapore is one of the most built-up cities not only on the surface.

Don't get phished: Businesses here lost around $43 million in 2017 due to e-mail impersonation scams

You would not allow a thief to enter your home, but what if the thief was disguised as someone familiar and tricked you into opening the door?

Everyone should learn, experiment with AI solutions: Vivian

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) will have the same role tomorrow as word processing today, according to Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister-in-charge of Singapore's Smart Nation initiative.

A competitive Smart Nation through a strong and united Singapore

BUDGET 2019 offers a commendably strategic vision to build "a strong, united Singapore". This vision is consistent with the country's goal to be competitive, and to be a smart nation.

Singapore's role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A RACE is on globally to see which nations will lead on the digitised, Internet of Things-enabled and data-driven manufacturing front. The overall "readiness" of countries in Asia is relatively...

I See You: Is our data safe, and are we safe from our data?

EVER since the Smart Nation plan was launched in 2014, Singapore has been powering full steam ahead towards its digital grail. Rolling out one innovation after another, we advance on all fronts,...

Interbank system Fast to be linked to e-payment scene

Imagine being able to make instant fund transfers from one e-wallet to another regardless of which bank or e-payment firm operates them. Or being able to shift what you have in any e-wallet to any...

Singapore launches unified payment QR code

SINGAPORE - A universal QR code was launched on Monday (Sept 17) to free merchants from the need to display multiple QR codes to accept different payment schemes.

Businesses must switch to CorpPass for online government transactions from Sept 1

SINGAPORE - From Sept 1, CorpPass will be the only login method for businesses to transact with more than 140 government digital services, replacing other means such as SingPass and Easy (E-...

SingHealth Cyber Attack: Benefits and risks of Smart Nation projects in pipeline

The authorities said, when announcing the SingHealth cyber attack last Friday, that they would pause all new Smart Nation initiatives while they undertake a thorough review of the safeguards...

What does a Smart Society look like?

Singapore's recent Smart Nation Innovations Week and its hosting of the World Cities Summit served as tangible reminders to Singaporeans and thousands of visitors that the country is perhaps the...