Leadership myths and mistakes

I HAVE always been attracted by the bigger picture and the impact one can have on others, either as an individual or as a team.

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Singapore SMEs more targeted in acquisitions but less keen on new economy businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly targeted in their acquisition strategies but they continue to trail their larger counterparts when it comes to investing in startups to leverage...

Sing Fuels powers ahead

IN industries where the principal product is identical, companies shine by excelling in other areas.

SE Asia's digital financial services revenue set to soar

REVENUE from South-east Asia's digital financial services could hit US$60 billion by 2025, but only if the region's financial players can crack barriers to lending in the SME (small and medium-...

Harnessing technology for modern security problems

THE security business has traditionally been very reliant on manpower. But for FormTeam Consultancy, quantity is not always quality. Instead, the company focuses on using technology to offer...

Making learning fun, mobile and effective

WHEN it comes to teaching working professionals, companies and employees alike know that traditional classroom-based learning and computer-delivered courses are time-consuming, boring and rarely...

Channelling capital for the greater good

GTR Ventures is an investment and venture building company that looks beyond the bottom line when it comes to deciding where to channel its capital. Through its investment process, the firm aims...


  随着人们越来越重视健康,对环境保护的意识也日渐提高, 饮食成为下一个被科技颠覆的领域。根据农业食品科技创投平台Ag Funder今年初的报告显示,去年投入农业食品科技的全球融资达到169亿美元(约229亿7300万新元),创下新高。

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