Gripping vision of the future

A machine sits on a table, framed by four pillars. In front of it are two bins, one with neatly arranged plastic parts, and the other empty. When an engineer starts the machine, a red light...

An ace at crunching numbers

A REGULAR day is hectic enough, but add juggling several businesses to the list. Sounds impossible? Not for Jace Koh, founder of UVentures.

ACRA moves service counters to Revenue House

SINGAPORE'S businesses, companies and accounting regulator has moved its service counters to Revenue House at 55 Newton Road in a bid to serve citizens and businesses better, it said.


  不久前,有一项调查显示,近八成本地中小企业有往海外发展的计划, 当中77%放眼亚细安市场,因为进军这些新市场具有增长潜能和机会。

Cardboard connector inspired by disaster

AN earthquake in 2015 changed Adrian Chua's life. Recalling the horrific incident that happened that April in Kathmandu, the founder and creative director of Paper Carpenter told The Business...

Digitising the cell to discover new drugs

THE current state of medical technology has meant that despite there being some 20,000 genes in the human genome, the standard procedure for drug discovery is to laboriously measure the effect of...

Infrastructure gaps in region mean business for Singapore SMEs

IF YOU were to order a can of Coke on a remote holiday island in the Philippines at midday, chances are it won't be cold.

Couple brings local flavours to potato chips

EVEN though the potato chip market may seem already saturated, husband and wife team Lee Yue Jer and Kee Vern Cheng, both 32, saw a gap in it.

UNV Aesthetics 不断创新改变 改善顾客皮肤

  她克服种种困难,从事美容事业,以改善顾客皮肤为宗旨,致力于把美丽和健康带给每一位顾客。UNV Aesthetics Pte Ltd创办人翁筱淩(48岁),谈到她如何克服创业所面对的困难。

Barramundi Asia fishing beyond Singapore seas

MOST Singaporeans may not be familiar with the barramundi, but it is a fish that is currently being farmed in waters here.