Homegrown nuts company aims to grow Asean markets

LIKE its icon, the camel - which symbolises strength, endurance and resilience - Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff Pte Ltd, has defied all odds since modest beginnings in 1974 to emerge a first-time winner...

The rise of SMEs

THE importance of SMEs to the business world cannot be over-emphasised. Four of Asia's Leading SMEs have underscored the point at the ACES Awards.

Tat Hong's towering ambitions

WHETHER he's landed in Shanghai, Bangkok, or Sydney, it is no longer unusual for Roland Ng to be greeted by the familiar green of a Tat Hong crane towering by expressways as he makes his way from...

Malaysia's Budget 2020 might see SME support, infrastructure spending

SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) may be among the main beneficiaries of Malaysia's Budget 2020, to be tabled on Oct 11, said analysts, as Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has foreshadowed upcoming...

用心耕耘花圃 搬迁中持续茁壮



  Intune音乐学校与新光学校合作,转眼已五年,在指导音乐过程中,他们也倡导Music with Compassion。另一个合作迄今也有五年的是樟宜监狱,他们给受刑人上音乐课。

母开古早饼干店 女面簿直播吸客

  母亲开古早味饼干店,女儿用面簿直播吸引顾客,母女俩联手合作,两三年内开了三家连锁店,让顾客开心找回儿时的味道!义顺11道的卉合坊(Junction Nine)商场和大巴窑中心出现了三家售卖古早味饼干的商店Nelly's Retro Snacks,店内的架子排满了几百个传统的饼干铁盒,每个铁盒内装着形形色色的饼干,呼唤起童年回忆,顾客可根据重量随意购买。

Trade war as impetus to broaden horizons

IN Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's recent National Day Rally speech, he discussed one of the most pressing issues facing both the Singapore economy as a whole, as well as local SMEs: the rising...

Collin's savours success with affordable Western dishes

FANCY quality Western food but not keen to pay exorbitant prices? Then head for the restaurants and outlets operated by Collin's, a homegrown F&B brand.

On a smart journey

DO YOU know the highly precise flexible endoscopy, used as a medical probe, could well have come from a Singapore manufacturer?