Money FM podcast: More Singapore SMEs are able to access financing in 2018

According to Linkflow Capital, up to 34% of SMEs gained access to financing in 2018, a marked improvement from 2017's survey data which suggested that only 19% of SMEs were qualified for business...

Shaping the future of MSME finance to help small businesses thrive

MICRO, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are a vital contributor to a country's gross domestic product (GDP). This is particularly true for South-east Asian countries where these entrepreneurs...

Why firms should embrace the cloud now

IN THE past, the Asia-Pacific was seen as the world's factory, churning out low-cost goods for the more advanced economies of the West. Today however, the region has become a global leader in the...

Managing a business ethically burnishes reputation

SAC CAPITAL Private Limited is a reputable corporate finance company whose co-founder and chief executive officer, Mr Ong Hwee Li, lives by the motto "Excuses are for losers". He was inspired by...

Five things businesses need to do to protect themselves against online security threats

CYBER security threats are not only growing in number, but they are also becoming more sophisticated.

7 steps for SMEs looking to embark on digital transformation

Small and medium enterprises across Southeast Asia are looking to invest in digital technologies within the next three years as the key enabler to drive new business propositions and user...

Bridging the customer service gap is the need of the hour

CUSTOMER experience is more important than ever before. Studies show a direct correlation between excellent customer experience and revenue growth.

Small businesses across Asia-Pacific turning to new funding sources

SMALL businesses in the Asia-Pacific, facing a capital crunch, are turning to new funding sources, according to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) research commissioned by Mastercard.

SMEs' next big investment push: transformative technology

INVESTMENT in technology is reaching a key milestone, according to a new EY report which found that small and medium enterprises across South-east Asia (SEA) expect to make investments in...