Customisable forms make it cheaper, easier for VCs, SMEs to draft business deals

THE Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements (VIMA) comprises a set of standardised documents that makes the process of structuring a deal faster and more cost-efficient for venture capital...

No better time than now to embrace Industry 4.0

IMAGINE having the ability to know when something is about to break down - be it your mobile device, your car or a machine in your manufacturing facility. The pre-emptive knowledge would certainly...

Opportunities abound in Industry 4.0 and SMEs need to seize them

Businesses need to adapt to this new era of the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 for short – or risk being left behind, said industry leaders at a recent UOB event.

Deals for SMEs at CEE 2019

SMEs are also able to get in on some of the deals offered at CEE 2019, happening this Thursday (23 May).





网上平台化身“魔术师” 助企业量身定制各种产品


Experts to share how SMEs can change the game

A STAR-STUDDED line-up of business leaders from companies such as Razer and Tata Communications will be speaking at an upcoming SME clinic.

早报与中小企业商会联办午餐会 分享如何利用数码科技建立品牌


XM Studios constantly pushing boundaries

"WE are often labelled as crazy people because we do crazy stuff," declares Bryan Tan with a certain modicum of pride. "Sometimes the toys we make are not meant for the general public. Like S$6,000...