制造商总会与西爪哇工商总会 签合作谅解备忘录

新加坡制造商总会(SMF)会长符标熊日前同印度尼西亚西爪哇工商总会(West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry)会长阿贡苏雅那(Agung Suryanal Sustino)签署合作谅解备忘录,双方承诺会加深商业联系及促进制造商总会会员与西爪哇商家之间的合作。

How SMEs can trump in marketing

THE world is still recovering from the shock of Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States of America.

SMF submits Budget recommendations

MAINTAINING existing incentives such as the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC scheme) and Wage Credit; assistance in internationalisation; and promoting collaboration between bigger and...